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Ship Supplier Module

Tailor-made for ship suppliers, to run all day-to-day operations, manage contacts, track customers & more.

MagicPort SSM (Ship Supplier Module) combines the capabilities of most powerful CRM & ERP solutions, in a single lightweight module. It has what you need, and nothing more.

Ship Supplier Module

Ship supply. Simplified.

Simplify your ship supply business; by organizing all your resources, managing your relationship with external stakeholders, and streamlining your internal operations.

Organize your contacts and resources in one place

Store all your contacts in one place, and selectively give access to relevant team members. You can also store your enterprise resources: including warehouses and their stock, vehicles, employees and more!

Generate custom links for your customers & suppliers

The ability to generate an ordering page, RFQ-quotation pages for your suppliers, for sending offers to your customers, and finally orders to suppliers. Even send & receive delivery reports digitally!

Receive RFQs in any format, and create offers easily

Receive orders through your custom order page, or in any file format. Easily process the files, and integrate the request into the module. Get prices from your suppliers, compare, and offer the best prices!

Real-time insights about your team & customers

Improve your efficiency with data-driven execution, whether it is reaching out to new customers, or better serving existing ones.

Birds-eye view of all operational metrics
Assign tasks to your team & track their progress
Receive alerts when vessels arrive to your ports

A purpose-built dashboard that contains all high-level sales metrics, and operational insights. Assess your team's performance at-a-glance.

Create custom permission levels for different teams and individual users. Delegate work by assigning tasks to different team members, and monitor their progress, as well as your own tasks easily.

Generate more sales & serve your customers better, by monitoring ships of interest, and their up-to-date, satellite-based locations. Receive email or notification-based alerts if their ETA changes, or when they are approaching your ports.