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Succeed with information and help from the maritime community

An open forum where you can post your questions, needs and problems in shipping industry, and get knowledge, advice and help from maritime professionals from around the world. Get the help you need while helping others. Your ideas and advice can save lives, here is your opportunity to learn from and contribute to the maritime community.


Give and take help, build your community

Get the help and information you need and help other shipping professionals with your knowledge and experience. Build and maintain your shipping community in one place with the ease of MagicPort communication and collaboration tools.

Ask questions and find what you need

If you need information, advice or help on shipping, simply post your question or request to get quick help from the community. You do not need to search through multiple websites, archived emails, and private chats anymore to find key information previously shared and now lost. Access the ever-growing cumulative wisdom of the maritime community in one place.

Help others, share your knowledge

Here is your opportunity to help the maritime community and share your wisdom, your advice can save lives! Answer posted questions and requests for help, share your knowledge, experience and insights, participate in discussions on how things can be better for shipping professionals and seafarers.

Connect with other maritime professionals, form support communities

Connect and stay in touch with other maritime professionals who have similar interests, jobs or needs. Form support networks where you can give and get help from the members of the maritime community.

You are not alone, feel the empowerment of the community

Whether onshore or in the open sea, create your opportunities of success through active participation in the maritime community

Save time and money with informed decisions
Enjoy the fulfillment of giving back to the maritime community
Helping others will drive your own success

Get answers, advice, and insights to make good, fast decisions that save time and money. Eliminate rookie mistakes with the wisdom and perspective of the broader maritime community.

Build a legacy by helping the other members of the shipping community with your knowledge and experience, get the credit and acknowledgement for lending a hand to those who need help.

Create your own network of support within maritime industry by helping and engaging with other members. Build an active support community in shipping to create opportunities for collaboration, grow your knowledge, career and business.

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