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MagicPort App for Seafarers

A seafarer app made by seafarers

Connect with other seafarers and the rest of the maritime community, access information and gain visibility to be part of the maritime conversation. Find better jobs and manage your key workflows in a single seafarer app.

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Connect with the community, access information and find better jobs with increased visibility

Find key information you need, connect with the maritime community and discover better jobs and opportunities

Connect with fellow seafarers

Track and stay in touch with fellow seafarers using MagicPort App's vessel tracking features. Save your voyage history and logbook to establish your own track record and maintain work and social connections from past journeys.

Key information you need at your fingertips

Find and discover vessels, ports, suppliers, service providers and fellow seafarers in our extensive directory. Share your comments, reviews, ratings and ideas on their profiles and in the community forum to make your voice heard and help fellow seafarers.

Advance your career with better job opportunities

Gain global visibility with a curated profile and professional tips on MagicPort directory. Discover and match with jobs and carreer opportunities from trusted and reliable ship owners and managers.

Improve your quality of life with community support

Build your support network through MagicPort app, make your life easier with powerful information, connectivity and access while at sea and on land.

Feel the support of your community
Solve your problems with the power of knowledge
Build your career with confidence and trust

Stay in touch with your friends and family, feel the power of their support through journeys across the seas.

Access extensive information database and the collective wisdom of the maritime community on MagicPort portal to make informed and better decisions.

Find selected and curated jobs from trusted, reliable ship owners and managers who value seafarers and long term partnership. Enjoy hassle free, seamless recruitment and onboarding through dedicated digital solutions built with seafarer in mind.